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#1 in the App Store

 Ukrainian “Reface” app came out on top in the AppStore, ahead of TikTok, Netflix The founders explain the success of the app by the publication in famous magazines and the popularity of Reface (previously named “Doublicat”) among celebrities. The app from Ukrainian…

PandaDoc opening an office in Odessa

PandaDoc are opening a company in Odessa and actively searching for new staff, including not only engineers but also sales and marketing managers. On September 2, searches were carried out in PandaDoc’s Minsk office. Furthermore, houses and apartments of several…

Kwambio: first Ceramics 3D printer in the world

  Address: 16, Vodoprovodnaya street Kwambio is a 3D printing company with a full-service manufacturing facility located in Ukraine, as well as offices and showrooms in London and New York. By being both a service provider and a manufacturer of…

✒ Mark Dabbs: Odessa — A Big Bang for Your Tech Buck

Odessa Black Sea SummIT Ukraine 2016

The new business column starts off in familiar territory; this and the next several articles will focus on the Tech Scene in Odessa. For the upcoming 2016 Black Sea SummIT Conference on September 9–10, this may add some extra insight to help you convince your tech and business friends to attend. Moreover, our exploration here may prompt enlightened tech-oriented businesses to expand their outsourcing and recruiting activities into Odessa.